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Emblem-important.png This function is deprecated. This means that its use is discouraged and that it might not exist in future versions.

Please use doesPedHaveJetPack instead.

This function is used to determine whether or not a player has a jetpack. Jetpacks can be given to players using the givePlayerJetPack function and removed with the removePlayerJetPack function.


bool doesPlayerHaveJetPack ( player thePlayer )

Required Arguments

  • thePlayer: The player you are checking.


Returns true if a player has a jetpack, false otherwise.


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Example 1: This examples adds a "jetpack" console command, which gives or removes a jetpack from the player.

-- Checks whether or not the player has a jetpack, and gives or removes it from the player
function consoleJetPack ( thePlayer, commandName )
   if ( not doesPlayerHaveJetPack ( thePlayer ) ) then            -- if the player doesn't have a jetpack
      local status = givePlayerJetPack ( thePlayer )              -- give him one
      if ( not status ) then
         outputConsole ( "Failed to give jetpack.", thePlayer )   -- tell him if it failed
      local status = removePlayerJetPack ( thePlayer )            -- remove his jetpack
      if ( not status ) then
         outputConsole ( "Failed to remove jetpack.", thePlayer ) -- tell him if it failed

-- add the function above to handle the "jetpack" command
addCommandHandler ( "jetpack", consoleJetPack )
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Server and client

Example 2: This example provides a check to see if players have a jetpack when they enter a particular marker.

function onWarpMarkerHit(thePlayer, matchingDimension)
   -- check whether the player has a jetpack and store it in the hasJetPack flag
   local hasJetPack = doesPlayerHaveJetPack(thePlayer)
   if (not hasJetPack) then
      -- warp the player to their destination
      setElementPosition(thePlayer, 1337, 1337, 50)
      -- tell the player to remove their jetpack
      outputChatBox("You must remove your jetpack to use this marker!", thePlayer)

-- create a marker and add the function above to its onMarkerHit event
addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", createMarker(3180, 200, 27), onWarpMarkerHit)

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