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This function returns the serial for a specified player.

[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note: You shouldn't use client side version of getPlayerSerial function as it can return the wrong value for some players, and is potentially insecure.
[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Important Note: You should use this function in conjunction with account system (e.g: login & password) - especially for critical things, because serials could be invalid (as in, non-unique or faked). See: Script security.


string getPlayerSerial ( player thePlayer )

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Method: player:getSerial(...)
Variable: .serial

Required Arguments

  • thePlayer: A player object referencing the specified player.


Returns the serial as a string if it was found, false otherwise.

Serverside examples

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This example creates a command with which player can check their own serial.

function checkMySerial( thePlayer, command )
    local theSerial = getPlayerSerial( thePlayer )
    if theSerial then
        outputChatBox( "Your serial is: " .. theSerial, thePlayer )
        outputChatBox( "Sorry, you have no serial. =(", thePlayer )
addCommandHandler( "myserial", checkMySerial )

This example adds a command to ban a player's serial.

local function banSerialCommand ( source, command, playerName, reason )
   if playerName then
      local player, serial = getPlayerFromName ( playerName ), getPlayerSerial ( playerName )
      if player then
         addBan ( serial, source, reason )
addCommandHandler ( "banplayerserial", banSerialCommand )

This example only allows clients with a certain serial to log in into an account.

local allowedAccountSerials = 
    -- List of allowed serials to log in into an account. Format:
    -- [ Account name ] = { Allowed serial array }
    [ "3ash8" ] = { "9C9F3B55D9D7BB7135FF274D3BF444E4" },
    [ "test5" ] = { "1D6F76CF8D7193792D13789849498452" },
addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin", root,
    function(_, account)
        -- Get the player serial and the allowed serial list for that account
        -- (If no serial is allowed for the account, do not allow the player to log in as a safety measure)
        local playerSerial, allowedSerials = getPlayerSerial(source), allowedAccountSerials[getAccountName(account)] or {}
        -- Check whether the client has an allowed serial or not
        for i = 1, #allowedSerials do
            if allowedSerials[i] == playerSerial then
                -- The serial is allowed. Proceed with the normal log in proccess
        -- If we reach this point the serial is not allowed. Do not let the player log in
        cancelEvent(true, "Client serial not allowed to log in into the account")

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