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Emblem-important.png This function is deprecated. This means that its use is discouraged and that it might not exist in future versions.

Please use getPedTarget instead.

This function is used to get the element a player is currently targeting.


element getPlayerTarget ( player thePlayer )

Required Arguments

  • thePlayer: The player whose target you want to retrieve.


Returns the element that's being targeted, or false if there isn't one.

This is only effective on physical GTA elements, namely:

  • Players
  • Vehicles
  • Objects


This example blows up any vehicle a player targets (aims at).

function playerTargetCheck ( )
    local target
    for i, thePlayer in ipairs ( getElementsByType("player") ) do  -- iterate over all players
        target = getPlayerTarget ( thePlayer )                     -- get the target of the current player
        if ( target ) then                                         -- if there was a target
            if ( getElementType ( target ) == "vehicle" ) then     -- and the target is a vehicle
                blowVehicle ( target )                             -- blow it up
setTimer ( playerTargetCheck, 1000, 0 )                            -- call the check function every second

Note: A more efficient way to do this would be to use the onPlayerTarget event.

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