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This function returns the distance between two 3 dimensional points using the pythagorean theorem.


float getDistanceBetweenPoints3D ( float x1, float y1, float z1, float x2, float y2, float z2 )

-- المقصود هنى وضع مسافه بين اشياء او قياس مسافه بنضريات

Required Arguments

  • x1: The X position of the first point
  • y1: The Y position of the first point
  • z1: The Z position of the first point
  • x2: The X position of the second point
  • y2: The Y position of the second point
  • z2: The Z position of the second point


Returns a float containing the distance between the two points as a float. Returns false if an argument passed was invalid.


This example gets the distance between two vehicles and outputs it to the chat box.

vehicle1x, vehicle1y, vehicle1z = getElementPosition ( vehicle1 )
vehicle2x, vehicle2y, vehicle2z = getElementPosition ( vehicle2 )
outputChatBox ( "The distance between vehicle1 and vehicle2 is "..tostring(getDistanceBetweenPoints3D ( vehicle1x, vehicle1y, vehicle1z, vehicle2x,
 vehicle2y, vehicle2z )) )

getDistanceBetweenPoints3D can also be used to measure the length of 3 dimensional vectors. This example calculates the speed of a vehicle by measuring the size of the it's velocity vector:

speed = getDistanceBetweenPoints3D ( 0, 0, 0, getElementVelocity ( vehicle ) )

Lua note: Using multiple return values as arguments for another function can only be done at the end of the argument list.

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