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This function will change the current weather to another in a smooth manner, over the period of 1-2 in-game hours (unlike setWeather, which sets a new weather instantly). To ensure this transition performs as expected, you should not call this function until getWeather indicates that no transition is already being done.


bool setWeatherBlended ( int weatherID )

Required Arguments

  • weatherID: The ID of the weather state you wish to set. Valid values are 0 to 255 inclusive.


Returns true if successful, false if an invalid weatherID is passed.


This example sets the weather to sunny, then makes it change to a foggy over the period of one-two hours (assuming that a in-game hour is a minute in real time).

-- Set the weather to sunny
setWeather ( 0 )
-- Blend the weather to foggy
setWeatherBlended ( 9 )

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