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[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note: You can also compare if a version is higher than another using the < or > operators.

This function gets the client version of the specified player as a sortable string. The string is always 15 characters long and is formatted as follows:

  • 1 character representing the major version
  • 1 dot character
  • 1 character representing the minor version
  • 1 dot character
  • 1 character representing the maintenance version
  • 1 dash character
  • 1 character representing the build type
  • 1 dot character
  • 5 characters representing the build number
  • 1 dot character
  • 1 character representing the build revision

An example of a version string would be: 1.0.4-9.01746.0

Where the first three numbers represent the major/minor/maintenance version, i.e. 1.0.4
The fourth number is 9, which means it's a release build, (Development and beta builds have lower numbers here)
And the fifth and sixth numbers represent the build number.


string getPlayerVersion ( player thePlayer )

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Method: player:getVersion(...)
Variable: .version

Required Arguments

  • thePlayer: The player whose client version you wish to get.


Returns a string containing the client version, or false if the player is invalid.


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This example adds a command that allows players to see their own client version.

function showMeMyVersion( playerSource )
    local version = getPlayerVersion ( playerSource )
    outputChatBox ( "Your client version is: " .. version, playerSource )

addCommandHandler ( "myversion", showMeMyVersion )

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