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This function redirects the player to a specified server.

[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note: A resource using this function needs ACL rights in order to work (function.redirectPlayer)


bool redirectPlayer ( player thePlayer, string serverIP = "", int serverPort = 0 [, string serverPassword = "" ] )

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Method: player:redirect(...)

Required Arguments

  • thePlayer: The player you want to redirect
  • serverIP: The IP address (or domain name that resolves to the IP address) of the server you want to redirect the player to. Use an empty string to reconnect to the same server.
  • serverPort: The game port of the server you want to redirect the player to, this is usually 22003. Set to zero to use the same port as the current server.

Optional Arguments

  • serverPassword: The password for the server if it's protected


Returns true if the player was redirected successfully, false if bad arguments were passed.


This example auto-redirects all connecting players to another given servers' IP:port.

local ip_port = ""	-- enter IP and port in format:
local password = "password_placeholder" -- If the server is passworded insert password here (if no password, it wont use the value)

function onConnectRedirect()
	redirectPlayer(source, gettok(ip_port,1,":"), tonumber(gettok(ip_port,2,":")), password)
addEventHandler ("onPlayerJoin", root, onConnectRedirect)

This example adds a "joinserver" command using the syntax, "/joinserver serverIP serverPort [serverPassword]".

function joinserverHandlerFunction (playerSource, commandName, serverIP, serverPort, serverPassword)
	if serverIP and serverPort then --if IP and Port were specified
		if serverPassword then --if also a password was specified
			redirectPlayer (playerSource, serverIP, tonumber(serverPort), serverPassword) --redirect the player
		else -- else if no password was specified
			redirectPlayer (playerSource, serverIP, tonumber(serverPort))  --redirect the player without using the serverPassword parameter
	else -- if no IP or Port have been specified
		outputChatBox ("Error! Correct Syntax: /joinserver IP Port [Password]", playerSource) --output an Error message to the chatbox

addCommandHandler ("joinserver", joinserverHandlerFunction) 

This example adds a "rejoin" command like the inbuilt reconnect command.

function rejoinMe(thePlayer, theCommand)
addCommandHandler("rejoin", rejoinMe) -- Attach rejoin command to our function

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