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This event is triggered when a player disconnects from the server.


string quitType, string reason, element responsibleElement
  • quitType: How the player left. Possible values:
    • "Unknown"
    • "Quit"
    • "Kicked"
    • "Banned"
    • "Bad Connection"
    • "Timed out"
  • reason: If the player was kicked or banned, the reason given goes here. If the player was not kicked or banned, this will be false.
  • responsibleElement: The element that was responsible for kicking or banning the player. This is commonly another player, but can also be the console element.


The source of this event is the player that left the server.


This example gets a quitting player's name and outputs that they left the server.

-- we register quitPlayer as a handler for the event
function quitPlayer ( quitType )
	-- send the message to the server telling players that the player has left.
	outputChatBox ( getPlayerName(source).. " has left the server (" .. quitType .. ")" )
addEventHandler ( "onPlayerQuit", root, quitPlayer )

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