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This event is triggered whenever a player's equipped weapon slot changes. This means giveWeapon and takeWeapon will trigger this event if the equipped slot is forced to change.


int previousWeaponID, int currentWeaponID
  • previousWeaponID: An integer representing the weapon that was switched from.
  • currentWeaponID: An integer representing the weapon that was switched to.


The source of this event is the player that switched his weapon.

Cancel effect

If this event is canceled, then the player's weapon won't be switched.


This example allows you to disable shoot ability for certain weapons, it should be noted that it will be more efficient if done on client-side.

local weaponsToBlock = {
	[38] = true, -- minigun

function onPlayerWeaponSwitch(previousWeaponID, currentWeaponID)
	local blockFire = (not weaponsToBlock[currentWeaponID]) -- reverse bool, true/worthy will give us false, and false/unworthy will give us true

	toggleControl(source, "fire", blockFire) -- toggle player control to fire weapon
addEventHandler("onPlayerWeaponSwitch", root, onPlayerWeaponSwitch)

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