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bool isElementFrozen ( element theElement )
bool isElementFrozen ( element theElement )
{{OOP|This function is also a static function underneath the Element class.|[[element]]:isFrozen|frozen|}}
===Required Arguments===  
===Required Arguments===  

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This function checks if element has been frozen.


bool isElementFrozen ( element theElement )

OOP Syntax Help! I don't understand this!

Method: element:isFrozen(...)
Variable: .frozen

Required Arguments

  • theElement: the element whose freeze status we want to check.


  • Returns true if the element is frozen, false if it isn't or if invalid arguments were passed.


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This example binds the "p" key to a function to freeze/unfreeze the player's current vehicle.

-- this function freezes or unfreezes the specified player's vehicle, if he's in one
function toggleFreezeStatus ( thePlayer )
	-- get the vehicle element
	local playerVehicle = getPlayerOccupiedVehicle ( thePlayer )

	if playerVehicle then
		-- get the current freeze status
		local currentFreezeStatus = isElementFrozen ( playerVehicle )
		-- get the new freeze status (the opposite of the previous)
		local newFreezeStatus = not currentFreezeStatus
		-- set the new freeze status
		setElementFrozen ( playerVehicle, newFreezeStatus )

-- now make this function available as key bind to all players.
-- first, get the list of players
local connectedPlayers = getElementsByType ( "player" )
-- for each one in it,
for i, aPlayer in ipairs(connectedPlayers) do
	-- bind the player's "p" key to the toggleFreezeStatus function
	bindKey ( aPlayer, "p", "down", "Toggle freeze status", toggleFreezeStatus )

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