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This function checks in which way the cursor is currently moving.



string getCursorMoveOn( )


Returns left,right,up or down.


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Function source

function getCursorMoveOn()
    if ( isCursorShowing() ) then
	left = "left"
	right = "right"
	up = "up"
	down = "down"
    zero = "nil"
	if getElementData(localPlayer,"movew") == right then
	return right
	elseif getElementData(localPlayer,"movew") == left then
	return left
	elseif getElementData(localPlayer,"movew") == up then
	return up
	elseif getElementData(localPlayer,"movew") == down then
	return down
	elseif getElementData(localPlayer,"movew") == zero then
	return false
function executeMoveOn(cursorX,cursorY)
    if ( isCursorShowing() ) then
	     if cursorX > cX then
	     elseif cursorX < cX then
	     elseif cursorY > cY then
	     elseif cursorY < cY then
    if ( isCursorShowing() ) then
	local curX = getElementData(localPlayer,"moveX")
	local curY = getElementData(localPlayer,"moveY")
		 if cursorX == cX then
		 elseif cursorY == cY then
function previousM()
   if ( isCursorShowing() ) then
    cX = getElementData(localPlayer,"moveX")
	cY = getElementData(localPlayer,"moveY")


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Client-side example

This clientside example checks in which way cursor is currently moving.

bindKey ("m", "down",
showCursor( not isCursorShowing() )
    if ( isCursorShowing() ) then
	moveOn = getCursorMoveOn()
	outputChatBox("cursor is moving on : " .. moveOn, localPlayer)

By ronwolf1705.

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