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This function sets the position of an element to the specified coordinates.

[[|link=|]] Warning: Do not use this function to spawn a player. It will cause problems with other functions like warpPedIntoVehicle. Use spawnPlayer instead.


bool setElementPosition ( element theElement, float x, float y, float z [, bool warp = true ] )  

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Method: element:setPosition(...)
Variable: .position
Counterpart: getElementPosition

Required Arguments

  • theElement: A valid element to be moved.
  • x: The x coordinate of the destination.
  • y: The y coordinate of the destination.
  • z: The z coordinate of the destination.

Optional Arguments

  • warp: teleports players, resetting any animations they were doing. Setting this to false preserves the current animation.


Returns true if the function was successful, false otherwise.


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Example 1

This example adds a "setpos" command to console, which allows setting of a player's position.

function consoleSetPlayerPosition ( source, commandName, posX, posY, posZ )
	setElementPosition ( source, posX, posY, posZ )
addCommandHandler ( "setpos", consoleSetPlayerPosition  )
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Example 2
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Example 3


Issue ID Description
#9522 Setting a ped's or player's position whilst occupying a jetpack will remove their jetpack, but not the jetpack sound

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