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This function is used to retrieve a vehicle's turning velocity for each axis.


float float float getVehicleTurnVelocity ( vehicle theVehicle )

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Method: vehicle:getTurnVelocity(...)
Variable: .turnVelocity
Counterpart: setVehicleTurnVelocity

Required Arguments

  • theVehicle: The vehicle you wish to get the turning velocities of.


Returns 3 floats that represent the vehicle's turning velocity on the x, y and z axis or false if wrong arguments were passed.


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This example shows the current turn velocity of the vehicle that you're in.

addCommandHandler("geturnvelocity", function(player)
    if not isPedInVehicle(player) then return end
    local veh = getPedOccupiedVehicle(player)
    local vx, vy, vz = getVehicleTurnVelocity(veh)
    outputChatBox("Vehicle's turn velocity is: X: "..vx.." Y: "..vy.." Z: "..vz, player, 0, 255, 0, false)

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