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[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note: Using passwordHash is the recommended way of storing passwords.

This function creates a new password hash using a specified hashing algorithm.

[[|link=|]] Warning: It is strongly recommended to use the async version of the function (i.e. provide a callback function). Otherwise, you will experience short freezes due to the slow nature of the bcrypt algorithm


string passwordHash ( string password, string algorithm, table options [, function callback ] )  

Required Arguments

  • password: The password to hash.
  • algorithm: The algorithm to use:
    • bcrypt: use the bcrypt hashing algorithm. Hash length: 60 characters. Note that only the prefix $2y$ is supported (older prefixes can cause security issues).
  • options: table with options for the hashing algorithm, as detailed below.

Optional Arguments

  • callback: providing a callback will run this function asynchronously, the arguments to the callback are the same as the returned values below.

Options for each hashing algorithm

  • bcrypt:
    • cost (int), default: 10. Visit this link to determine the number of rounds appropriate for your server.
    • salt (string), default: empty string
      • an empty string will automatically generate a salt with the cost provided
      • deprecated: if a string is provided, it will be used as a salt (do not do this!)
      • the provided string should be longer than or equal to 22 characters


Returns the hash as a string if hashing was successful, false otherwise. If a callback was provided, the aforementioned values are arguments to the callback, and this function will always return true.


[[|link=|]] Warning: If you will be using "Example 1" then you will have to save account data "hash_password" after server restart, otherwise this script will no longer work.

This example makes use of passwordHash and passwordVerify in account creation and account login to boost up security.

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Example 1
  • Use /accountCreate [username] [password] to create an account.
  • Use /accountLogin [username] [password] to login in account.
-- lets add command handler that will handle the account creation
	if (username and password) then
		local hashedPassword = passwordHash(password,"bcrypt",{}) -- create new hash for password
		if (hashedPassword) then -- check if hash has been generated
			local account = addAccount(username,hashedPassword) -- now lets add account with new hash what we got when we made it for password.
			if (account) then
				setAccountData(account,"hash_password",hashedPassword) -- store accounts password hash in order to verify it when it's needed.
				outputChatBox("Account successfuly created! Now please login. Syntax </accountLogin [username] [password]>",source,20,160,20)
				outputChatBox("Account already exists! Please try again with different username.",source,20,160,20)
			outputChatBox("Securing your password failed! Please try again or contact an administrator.",source,160,20,20)
		outputChatBox("Wrong parameters! Correct Syntax </accountCreate [username] [password]>",source,160,20,20)

-- lets add command handler that will handle the account login
	if (username and password) then
		local account = getAccount(username) -- get entered account
		if (account) then -- check if entered account exists
			local hashedPassword = getAccountData(account,"hash_password") -- lets get hashed password
			if (passwordVerify(password,hashedPassword)) then -- check if hash and entered password matches
				if logIn(source,account,hashedPassword) then -- now lets login player into account
					outputChatBox("Login successfull. Welcome, "..getAccountName(account).."!",source,20,160,20)
				outputChatBox("Password is incorrect!",source,160,20,20)
			outputChatBox("Account doesn't exist! Please try again with different account.",source,160,20,20)
		outputChatBox("Wrong parameters! Correct Syntax </accountLogin [username] [password]>",source,160,20,20)

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