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1.5.7 was released on September 1, 2019.
* GitHub commit log: https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/compare/1.5.6...1.5.7
* GitHub commit log: https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/compare/1.5.6...1.5.7
* GitHub milestone: https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/milestone/6
* GitHub milestone: https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/milestone/6

Latest revision as of 20:23, 29 September 2021

MTA:SA Releases Changelog Pages
1.0 1.0.0 • 1.0.1 • 1.0.2 • 1.0.3 • 1.0.4
1.1 1.1.0 • 1.1.1
1.2 1.2.0
1.6 1.6.0

1.5.7 was released on September 1, 2019.

Main Additions / Changes

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These are some statistics since the previous release.

  • This is the 24th 1.x.x release, released 31.8.2019
  • 359 days
  • 27 new functions
  • 4 new events
  • 0 deprecations
  • 5 announced backwards incompatible changes
  • 117+ bug fixes and changes
  • 544 commits (see comparison)
  • 0 new open Mantis issues
  • 4 resolved Mantis issues
  • 676 closed Mantis issues
  • 330 new open GitHub issues (see list)
  • 93 resolved GitHub issues (see list)
  • 93 closed GitHub issues (see list)
  • 46 new open GitHub pull requests (see list)
  • 82 merged GitHub pull requests (see list)
  • 30 closed GitHub pull requests (see list)
  • 30 contributors of which 7 are new (see list)
  • 64+ total contributors (see list)
  • 8 vendor updates

Note: Last update to these statistics was made 880 days ago.


5 Backwards Incompatible Changes

These changes will take effect in 1.6:

  • callRemote callbacks currently set the error code to nil when there is no error. In 1.6, to be consistent with fetchRemote, the error code reported will be 0. See GitHub #294.
  • Since July 2016 if you provide an invalid string like "randomstring" when a function expects a number, the string will be treated as 0 and raise a script warning. In 1.6 this will be an error. You will still be able to provide strings containing numbers (e.g. "100" and "12.34"), this change only affects invalid strings. See GitHub #1043.
  • When providing a width and height of (0, 0) to createBrowser or guiCreateBrowser you will encounter a script error instead of a warning. The warning was introduced Feb 2019. See GitHub #1069.
  • Some functions expect only unsigned integers (positive numbers), and since Jan 2016 providing negative numbers would be a warning. This will now be an error. See GitHub #1070.
  • Since Aug 2015, we replaced the custom mtalocal:// URL scheme with http://mta/resourceName/blah.html. This mtalocal:// URL scheme will now be removed. See GitHub #1071.

This list is inconclusive and we may introduce more changes later.


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23 New Functions

4 New Events

New Arguments & Parameters

9 Bug Fixes & Changes


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New Arguments & Parameters

Shared (Client & Server side)

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4 New Functions

  • Add support for Lua os.* functions (#316 by Dezash)
    • Following os functions have been enabled:
      • os.clock
      • os.date
      • os.difftime
      • os.time
    • Following os functions have been disabled for security reasons:
      • os.execute
      • os.exit
      • os.getenv
      • os.remove
      • os.rename
      • os.setlocale
      • os.tmpname

2 Bug Fixes & Changes

  • Allow setTimer interval below 50ms (See commit 5910ddf by botder)
  • Add file and function names in "infinite running script" (Fixes #967, see commit 80fe718 by Jusonex)


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74 Bug Fixes & Changes

  • Various custom animation related bug fixes and improvements by saml1er
  • Fix swimming speed on higher FPS (#379 by nonamenoname and saml1er)
  • [Added for testing] Fix many collisionless objects (#378 by samr46)
  • Players can now switch weapons whilst attached to elements (#533 by CrosRoad95)
  • Using /voiceptt with a custom bind won't crash the client, using /voiceptt without further parameters will toggle voice push-to-talk. (See commit d5e5d46 by botder)
  • Fix client crash for fixVehicle in onClientVehicleCollision (See commit 5c6db96 by botder)
    • Credits to FileEX for providing a temporary fix by disabling the event for blown vehicles (#600)
  • Add support for planes, trains and boats for onClientVehicleCollision (Fixes #540, see commit 2017aea by botder)
  • Stream-in an object after attaching if it was streamed-out beforehand (Fixes #623, see commit 3ab471c by botder)
  • Fix voice freeze (See commit 39c1ba0 by botder)
  • Fix camera object-clipping, melee damage, sniper damage and helicopter blades collision outside map boundaries (Fixes #407, #466, #459, #647, see commit 6626134 by lopezloo)
  • Update camera target if warping to passenger seat from other vehicle (Fixes #625, see commit 19cb321 by botder)
  • Moved and restyled language selection to the bottom of the main menu (See commit 6f6b2ed by ccw)
  • Skimmers can now lift off water at high FPS (#433 by forkerer)
  • Update frame rate limiter (See commit 98cdd86 and bc94009 by ccw)
  • Add Vietnamese translation (See commit f2149d5 by ccw, with contributions from bromboy2010, steroidz, and 99 isme)
  • Add support for another gta-sa.exe variant to the installer (See commit e829a20 by ccw)
  • Fix setPedWeaponSlot from 11 to 0 resets goggle effect (Fixes #579, see commit e356849 by FileEX)
  • Fix wrong value for matchingDimension in onClientMarkerLeave (Fixes #736, see commit 8f94072 by botder)
  • Fix debug chat movement when changing audio volume (See commit 7febd31 by botder)
  • Updated translations (by ccw)
  • Fix testLineAgainstWater to prevent crashes and to work in more scenarios (#836 by forkerer)
  • Fix invalid model ID in engine LOD functions cause a crash (#299 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Fix loadBrowserURL crashing the client by enforcing 1x1 minimum size for render item (See commit 8665a72 by botder)
  • Fix incorrect progress display for updater download (See commit 557b636 by ccw)
  • Delete old update files instead of moving to the recycle bin (See commit 576a5fb by ccw)
  • Clamp setEffectDensity to the max client density (#843 by StrixG)
  • Read the correct amount of bytes in setPedAnimationSpeed (See commit 51fa4a2 by botder)
  • Fix message box being obscured sometimes (6cc5af7 by ccw)
  • Fix loading dlls from the wrong directory (ad68ee8 by ccw)
  • Add MS dll to installer (b7fefff by ccw)
  • Fix crash when calling isVehicleWheelOnGround with streamed out vehicle (fed0725 by ccw)
  • Fix WidgetLookFeel::getImagerySection exceptions (See commit 5ac8939 by qaisjp)
  • Fix invisible disabled scrollbars (See commit 01ee6de by qaisjp)
  • Fix disabled comboboxes showing a hovered arrow (See commit 22b0736 by qaisjp)
  • Fix zalgo chat messages spilling over (#885 by qaisjp)
  • Fix master volume not being applied for GTA:SA sounds after launching the game (See commit 3053bf5 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Fix createTrayNotification not working for Windows 10 (#914 by samr46)
  • Add arrow key chat input history (#822 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Fix setCloudsEnabled affects moon and stars but not actual clouds (#926 by samr46)
  • Don't add duplicate entries to client console input history (See commit d7656a2 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Fix missing skins crashing settings menu (See commit 9101984 by qaisjp)
  • Fix CEGUI exit crash (See commit 302b83f by ccw)
  • Fix crash in CClientPed::IsReloadingWeapon (See commit 627b39d by botder)
  • Remove localhost from the CEF whitelist (See commit 505467e by Jusonex)
  • Add reference counter increment/decrement on dummies change (#1021 by forkerer)
  • Allow newlines and tabs for chat/debug/console messages sent from server (Fixes #684, #1022 by StrixG)
  • Change client coreconfig.xml fps_limit range to 45-100 (See commit 709bc40 by ccw)
  • Fix text extent calculation for drawing colorcoded text (See commit c9e2e2a by botder)
  • Fix memory leak in CBassAudio::GetSoundBPM (See commit 01267f3 by botder)
  • Fix crash for incorrect usage of ColumnHeader CEGUI property (See commit bc649fb by botder)
  • Fix guiCreateStaticImage to warn on failure (#1041 by CrosRoad95)
  • Improve Arabic language pictures (#1050 by Haxardous)
  • Fix setSoundPosition returning true for streams (#651 by xLuxy)
  • Fix missing typename for browsers (Fixes #662, see commit fe560c2 by qaisjp)
  • Fix CEF crash on resource restart (See commit 3372f0f by botder)
  • Fix dxCreateShader error logging (See commit 42dd5b3 by ccw)
  • Fix clearChatBox not working properly with Low FX quality (Fixes #733, see commit 096ca10 by ccw)
  • Fix font reset when using guiGridListSetItemText (Fixes #622, see commit 0a8978a by qaisjp)
  • Fix choppy camera movement (Fixes #763, see commit ca306e4 by botder)
  • Fix crash when changing max handling gear to below current gear (Fixes #731, #778 by forkerer)
  • Fix setSoundPanningEnabled not working straight after playing a 3D sound (Fixes #757, #842 by StrixG)
  • Fix bone positions being one frame behind (Fixes #465, see commit e0fa528 by saml1er)
  • Fix server info window not hiding when you return to game (Fixes #712, #867 by ricksterhd123)
  • Fix "can only run forward" bug (Fixes #366, see commit a3864d8..426ad3f by saml1er)
  • Add missing high_detail_peds setting that was supposed to be added in #231 (See #832 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Fix missing typenames for texture subclasses (Fixes #974, see commit 526171c by qaisjp)
  • Fix crash when you join a server (Fixes #983, see commit 2996321 by qaisjp, sbx320 and ccw)
  • Disable forboden programs checks in debug mode (See #999 by CrosRoad95)
  • Fix possible CEF crash fix by making UTF16ToMbUTF8 handle nullptr (See commit 7808dfb..b71c86d by ccw)
  • Add DPI awareness experimental option to settings (See commit 65020e4 by botder)
  • Fix crash when attempting to stream audio while disconnecting (Fixes #1065, see commit a389d52 by sbx320)
  • Add new Visit News button to main menu (See commit c008eef by qaisjp)
  • Tweak main menu news position and text (See commit 742819a by qaisjp)
  • Fix memory leak in CLuaManager on disconnect (#1066 by pentaflops)

5 Vendor Updates

  • Update BASS libraries (7afdde4 by Dutchman101 and botder)
  • Update libpng from 1.6.35 to 1.6.37 (#899 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Update zlib from 1.2.8 to 1.2.11 (#919 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Update UnRAR from 5.21 to 5.71 (#920 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Update CEF from 3.3538.1852.gcb937fc (Chromium 70.0.3538.102) to 76.1.13+gf19c584 (Chromium 76.0.3809.132) (See commit a82990a by Jusonex)


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  • Added error message for resource meta.xml parsing fail (#655 by Addlibs)

21 Bug Fixes & Changes

  • Prevent multiple kick/ban of a player (#173 by CrosRoad95)
  • Fix ¿question marks? being replaced in dbPrepareString values (Fixes #634, see commit c17a52a by ccw)
  • Fix radar areas not being deleted after map stop (Fixes #737, see commit ca747a8 by botder)
  • Stop deleted resources before removing them from lists (Fixes #372, see commit 2f8377b by botder)
  • Disallow file paths with a directory separator suffix (Fixes #761, see commit 13771a4 by botder)
  • Disallow empty src attributes in meta.xml (Fixes #738, see commit 5c85de2 by botder)
  • Improve resource load performance (#758 by sbx320)
  • Postpone client sync after broadcasting resource to client (See commit 379a2ff by botder)
  • Reload zipped resources on restart if changed (See commit 41243a0 by sbx320)
  • Fix client/server ped dead-state inconsistency (#140 by Necktrox)
  • Add server kick messages for localization (See commit 37087bc by ccw)
  • Set missing spawned and dead state for cloned peds (#933 by TheNormalnij)
  • Fix setAccountName not saving name in database (#939 by StrixG)
  • Add timecyc.dat to the server-side data files check (See commit 8b6bfe2 by ccw)
  • Add mapmanger required rights to acl.xml (See commit 764664d by ccw)
  • Fix upgrade command not updating <min_mta_version> (See commit a487b09 by ccw)
  • Fix OOP: i.e. ped:setControlState() returns deprecated function (See commit 3418ceb by ccw)
  • Fix element dimensions when loading maps (Fixes #640, see commit 2e332ab by botder)
  • Fix dbQuery uncollected result warning when restarting resources (Fixes #789, see commit af24918 by botder)
  • Fix setAccountName not working properly (Fixes #479, #939 by StrixG)
  • Pin down startResource and stopResource behaviour (Fixes #798, #957 by StrixG)

1 Vendor Update

  • Update SQLite from 3.24.0 to 3.29.0 (#1028 by patrikjuvonen and botder)


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13 Bug Fixes & Changes

  • Refactor and fix a lot of issues with cloneElement (#182 by emre1702 and qaisjp)
  • Allow debug messages in onDebugMessage and onClientDebugMessage (Fixes #639, see commit 81b64e3 by botder)
  • Fix Hotring Racers share handlings when set by model ID (#401 by samr46)
  • Fix dead players appearing to be alive after reconnect (#746, see commit 9e6aace by botder)
  • Fix incorrect segment/triangle intersection code (#816 by forkerer)
  • Add error code to fileRename failed message (See commit 3a7c803 by ccw)
  • Add alternate file rename strategy for when MoveFile fails with access denied (See commit e9ce827 by ccw)
  • Add file and function names in "infinite running script" (See commit 80fe718 by Jusonex)
  • Fix undefined behavior for ReadColor (See commit 53121a3 by botder)
  • We no longer use Travis CI or AppVeyor (See commit a99faa0 by Jusonex)
  • Upgrade to C++17 for some projects (#876 by sbx320 and Jusonex)
  • Fix build scripts being affected by spaces in build path (Fixes #648, see commit 59b1d30 by ccw)
  • Fix binary string reading (See commit a84ae4c..3b624da by botder)

2 Vendor Updates

  • Update curl from 7.61.0 to 7.65.3 (#1027 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Update cryptopp from 5.6.5 to 8.1.0 (See commit dad907c by sbx320)


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  • [freeroam] Fixed GUI after destroy vehicle (#125 by FileEX)
  • [admin2] Add more glitches and world properties into server tab (#136 by FileEX)
  • [admin2] Add inputs validation, add missing default variables for inputs and missing world properties for refresh button. Add glitch for refresh button and enabled all disabled elements like glitches, world properties, heathaze button etc. Fix triggered binds by input boxes. (#148 by FileEX)
  • [admin2] Changed to combobox instead of editbox to setting weather and fixed blending weather. (#154 by FileEX)

Extra information

More detailed information available on our GitHub repositories: