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This function checks to see if a line between two points collides with the water. This is similar to processLineOfSight, but only collides with water. Waves are not taken into account when testing the line.


bool float float float testLineAgainstWater ( float startX, float startY, float startZ, float endX, float endY, float endZ )

Required Arguments

  • startX, startY, startZ: the position of the starting point of the line.
  • endX, endY, endZ: the position of the end point of the line.


Returns true and the position of the intersection point of the line and the water surface if there is a collision, or false if there is no collision.


This code snippet adds a /isanywaterbelowme command, which checks if there is water at 500 units below the ground at the position of the player who types it.

function checkForWater()
    if isPedOnGround(localPlayer) then
        local px, py, pz = getElementPosition(localPlayer)
        if testLineAgainstWater(px, py, pz, px, py, pz - 500) then
            outputChatBox("Yes, there is water below you.")
            outputChatBox("This place looks a bit dry.")
addCommandHandler("isanywaterbelowme", checkForWater)

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