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This function retrieves the ID of a vehicle as an integer value from its name.


int getVehicleIDFromName ( string name )             

Required Arguments

  • name: A string containing the name of the vehicle.


Returns an int if the name exists, false otherwise.


This will allow the player to create a vehicle by name and it's ID will be displayed in the chatbox when the vehicle is spawned.

addCommandHandler ( "spawnvehicle", "createvehiclecommand" )
function createvehiclecommand ( player, commandName, carname )
--This function is triggered by the text "spawnvehicle" in the console.
--The player must also specify the added varible carname to specify
--what car they wish to spawn.
carid = getVehicleIDFromName ( carname )
--Get the ID of the car the player asked for and store it to the
--varible 'carid'
local x, y, z = getElementPosition ( player )
--Get the position of the player to spawn the car near this location
	if carid == false then
		outputChatBox ( "That is not a valid car name" )
		createVehicle ( carid, x + 5, y, z )
		--Spawn the car using it's ID. Spawn it at x + 5 from the player so it doesn't crush him
		outputChatBox ( "A vehicle with an ID of "..carid.." was created!" )
	--If the entered car name returns no car ID, the string will be empty and false will be returned.
	--If the string does have any value, we create the car and announce the car ID in the chatbox,
	--because a car did exist under the given car name.

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