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This function retrieves the model ID of a vehicle as an integer value from its name.


int getVehicleModelFromName ( string name )             

Required Arguments

  • name: A string containing the name of the vehicle.


Returns an integer if the name exists, false otherwise. If you use this function on vehicles with shared names, such as "police", it will return the earliest occurrence of that vehicle's ID.


This will allow the player to create a vehicle by name and it's model ID will be displayed in the chatbox when the vehicle is spawned.

function createVehicleCommand ( thePlayer, commandName, carName )
    -- This function is triggered by the text "spawnvehicle" in the console.
    -- The player must specify the added parameter 'carName' to specify
    -- what car they wish to spawn.
    local carModel = getVehicleModelFromName ( carName )
    -- Get the model ID of the car the player asked for and store it to the
    -- variable 'carModel'
    local x, y, z = getElementPosition ( thePlayer )
    -- Get the position of the player to spawn the car near this location
    if not carModel then
        outputChatBox ( "That is not a valid car name" )
        createVehicle ( carModel, x + 5, y, z )
        -- Spawn the car using its model ID. Spawn it at x + 5 from the player so it doesn't crush him
	outputChatBox ( "A vehicle with model ID of " .. carModel .. " was created!" )
    -- If the entered car name returns no car model ID, the string will be empty and false will be returned.
    -- If the string does have any value, we create the car and announce the car model ID in the chatbox,
    -- because a car did exist under the given car name.
addCommandHandler ( "spawnvehicle", createVehicleCommand )

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