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Emblem-important.png This function is deprecated. This means that its use is discouraged and that it might not exist in future versions.

Please use getElementModel instead.

This function retrieves the ID of a vehicle as an integer value.


int getVehicleID ( vehicle theVehicle )             

Required Arguments

  • theVehicle: The vehicle you want to get the ID of.


Returns an integer containing the requested vehicle's ID, or false if the vehicle passed to the function is invalid.


function planeEnter ( theVehicle, seat, jacked ) --when someone enters a vehicle
  id = getVehicleID ( theVehicle ) -- get the ID of the vehicle
  if id == 519 or id == 577 then --if theVehicle is one of these two planes
     vehiclename = getVehicleName ( theVehicle ) -- define the vehicle name 
     outputChatBox ( "Someone stole a " .. vehiclename .. "!" ) -- announce that someone stole the plane
-- add the event to the event handler
addEventHandler ( "onPlayerEnterVehicle", root, planeEnter )

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