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[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note: Please note the loading order that is used in the examples as other orders can cause collisions, textures or the DFF not to load due to technical limitations

This function imports (adds) a loaded RenderWare Texture Dictionary into a specific model. This is necessary in order for the DFF loader to find any new textures. Please call this function before loading the DFF model file, in order to allow the DFF loading process to find the new textures. This function can also replace default GTA textures, so that it becomes possible to e.g. put custom images on existing billboards. Ped and weapon textures are also supported.

See here for tips on reducing the size of TXD files.

  • CJ clothing component textures can be replaced by using the ids listed on this page


bool engineImportTXD ( txd texture, int model_id ) 

OOP Syntax Help! I don't understand this!

Method: txd:import(...)

Required Arguments

  • texture: The TXD that was loaded with engineLoadTXD
  • model_id: The model id to import the TXD into


Returns true if the function executed succesfully, false otherwise.


Example 1: This example loads a combination of a custom TXD and DFF file to replace the Euros vehicle in-game. The collisions are embedded inside the DFF file.

outputChatBox ( "> replacing the euros vehicle" )

txd = engineLoadTXD ( "data/euros.txd" )
engineImportTXD ( txd, 587 )
dff = engineLoadDFF ( "data/euros.dff" )
engineReplaceModel ( dff, 587 )

Example 2: This example loads a combination of custom COL, TXD and DFF files to replace an in-game model of a set of floors.

outputChatBox ( "> loading floor objects" )
col_floors = engineLoadCOL ( "models/office_floors.col" )
engineReplaceCOL ( col_floors, 3781 )
txd_floors = engineLoadTXD ( "models/office_floors.txd" )
engineImportTXD ( txd_floors, 3781 )
dff_floors = engineLoadDFF ( "models/office_floors.dff")
engineReplaceModel ( dff_floors, 3781 )

Example 3: This example replaces the victim billboards in last venturas (when replacing default models you do not need to replace a COL or DFF)

outputChatBox ( "> replacing billboards" )
txd_billboards = engineLoadTXD ( "models/vgsn_billboard.txd" )
engineImportTXD ( txd_billboards, 7300 )

Example 4: This example shows that you only need to load a TXD once, even if you want to replace several different textures

outputChatBox ( "> replacing billboards" )
txd_billboards = engineLoadTXD ( "models/vgsn_billboard.txd" )
engineImportTXD ( txd_billboards, 7300 )
engineImportTXD ( txd_billboards, 7301 )
engineImportTXD ( txd_billboards, 7302 )
engineImportTXD ( txd_billboards, 7303 )

Example 5: This example loads a custom skin mod and replaces SA skin of the defined ID (in this example being '190')

addEventHandler ( "onClientResourceStart", getResourceRootElement ( getThisResource() ),
	function ()
		txd = engineLoadTXD ( "skinmodel.txd" ); -- change 'skinmodel' to your mod's file name
		engineImportTXD ( txd, 190 ); -- change the ID 190 into the GTA skin ID you with to replace with mod
		dff = engineLoadDFF ( "skinmodel.dff", 190 ); -- change 'skinmodel' to your mod's file name
		engineReplaceModel ( dff, 190 ); -- change the ID 190 into the GTA skin ID you with to replace with mod

Example 6: This example replaces a default weapon with a custom weapon mod (TXD & DFF)

function replaceWeapon() 
txd = engineLoadTXD ( "m4.txd" )
engineImportTXD ( txd, 356)
dff = engineLoadDFF ( "m4.dff", 356) -- use weapon model ID, not GTA weapon ID (model ID from https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Weapons)
engineReplaceModel ( dff, 356) -- Likewise, model ID, for M4 as example it's 356

addEventHandler ( "onClientResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), replaceWeapon)

Example 7: This example replaces multiple models at the same time using this function just once. (in this example the Grove street)

txd = engineLoadTXD ("Los Santos/lae2roadshub.txd")
engineImportTXD (txd, 17595, 17597, 17610, 17611, 17612, 17613)

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