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[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note: Please note the loading order that is used in the example as other orders can cause collisions, textures or the DFF not to load due to technical limitations.

This function loads a RenderWare Model (DFF) file into GTA.

To successfully load your model with textures, be sure to use engineLoadTXD and engineImportTXD before calling this function. If some error occurs while loading the DFF, MTA will output a message - check out DFF error messages to know what they mean.

This is a client side function. Be sure to transfer your DFF file by including it in the meta file.

The returned DFF element is an element in the element tree, just like vehicles and objects. When the dff is destroyed, ie on resource unload or using destroyElement, any elements that use the DFF, such as vehicles or objects will be reset.


dff engineLoadDFF ( string dff_file / string raw_data ) 

OOP Syntax Help! I don't understand this!

Method: EngineDFF(...)

Required Arguments

  • dff_file / raw_data: The filepath to the DFF file you want to load or whole data buffer of the DFF file.


Returns a DFF element if the dff file loaded, false otherwise.


See unified example available in engineReplaceModel.


Version Description
1.4.1-9.07088 Added option to use raw data instead of a file name

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