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This function allows retrieval of where a ped's target is blocked. It will only be blocked if there is an obstacle within a ped's target range.


float float float getPedTargetCollision ( ped targetingPed )

Required Arguments

  • targetingPed: This is the ped whose target collision you wish to retrieve


Returns three floats, x,y,z, representing the position where the ped's target collides, or false if it was unsuccessful.


This Example draws a line from where the Ped´s Target Starts to the Point where the Targets Collision is.

function drawline()
   local x, y, z = getPedTargetStart(localPlayer) -- Gets the Point to start From.
   if (x) then -- Checks if there is a Point to start From.
      local sx, sy, sz = getPedTargetCollision(localPlayer) -- Gets the Point where the Targets Collision is.
      dxDrawLine3D(x, y, z, sx, sy, sz) -- Draws the Line
addEventHandler("onClientPreRender", root, drawline) -- Adds the Handler.

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