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This function sets the component position of a vehicle.


bool setVehicleComponentPosition ( vehicle theVehicle, string theComponent, float posX, float posY, float posZ [, string base = "root"] )

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Method: vehicle:setComponentPosition(...)
Counterpart: getVehicleComponentPosition

Required Arguments

  • theVehicle: The vehicle you wish to set component position.
  • theComponent: A vehicle component (this is the frame name from the model file of the component you wish to modify)
  • posX: The new x position of this component.
  • posY: The new y position of this component.
  • posZ: The new z position of this component.

Optional Arguments

  • base: A string representing what the supplied position (posX, posY, posZ) is relative to. It can be one of the following values:
    • parent: The position is relative to the parent component.
    • root (default if not specified): The position is relative to the root component.
    • world: The position is a world position, relative to the world's center of coordinates.


Returns true if component position was set successfully, false otherwise.


Example 1: This example would set the position of the component.

addCommandHandler("scp", -- short for 'set component position'
        local theVeh = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer)
	local getComponent = getVehicleComponents(theVeh) -- returns table with all the components of the vehicle
        if (theVeh) then
            for k in pairs (getComponent) do
		local x, y, z = getVehicleComponentPosition(theVeh, k) --get the position of the component
                setVehicleComponentPosition(theVeh, k, x+1, y+1, z+1) -- increases by 1 unit


Version Description
1.4.0-9.07013 Added base argument

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