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This function gets the size of a group of wheels for a vehicle model.


float|table getVehicleModelWheelSize ( int vehicleModel [, string wheelGroup ] )

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Method: Vehicle.getModelWheelSize(...)
Counterpart: setVehicleModelWheelSize

Required Arguments

Optional Arguments

  • wheelGroup: The group of wheels of the vehicle model to retrieve their size value. If not specified, it defaults to all_wheels. The following values are supported:
    • front_axle: Represents the wheels in the front axle.
    • rear_axle: Represents the wheels in the rear axle.
    • all_wheels: Convenience group that returns all the wheel sizes in a table of the following format:
{ front_axle = 0.8, rear_axle = 0.7 }


Returns a decimal number or a table, depending on the specified wheel group. If the specified vehicle model ID or wheel group are not valid, an error is raised instead. The meaning of the wheel size values is documented in setVehicleModelWheelSize.


This example adds a hoverme command that exploits the fact that the wheel size changes the ground clearance of a vehicle model to make it hover over the ground.

addCommandHandler("hoverme", function()
    local veh = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer)
    if veh then
        local vehicleId = getElementModel(veh)
        local currentSizes = getVehicleModelWheelSize(vehicleId)
        setVehicleModelWheelSize(vehicleId, "front_axle", currentSizes.front_axle * 2)
        setVehicleModelWheelSize(vehicleId, "rear_axle", currentSizes.rear_axle * 2)
        outputChatBox("Vehicle model wheel size doubled!", 0, 255, 0)
        outputChatBox("You must be in a vehicle to use this command.", 255, 0, 0)


Minimum server version n/a
Minimum client version 1.5.7-9.20642

Note: Using this feature requires the resource to have the above minimum version declared in the meta.xml <min_mta_version> section. e.g. <min_mta_version client="1.5.7-9.20642" />

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