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ID Modelname Part Type Cars
1000 spl_b_mar_m Spoiler Pro Certain Transfender cars
1001 spl_b_bab_m Spoiler Win Certain Transfender cars
1002 spl_b_bar_m Spoiler Drag Certain Transfender cars
1003 spl_b_mab_m Spoiler Alpha Certain Transfender cars
1004 bnt_b_sc_m Hood Champ Scoop Certain Transfender cars
1005 bnt_b_sc_l Hood Fury Scoop Certain Transfender cars
1006 rf_b_sc_r Roof Roof Scoop Certain Transfender cars
1007 wg_l_b_ssk Sideskirt Right Sideskirt Certain Transfender cars
1008 nto_b_l Nitro 5 times Most cars
1009 nto_b_s Nitro 2 times Most cars
1010 nto_b_tw Nitro 10 times Most cars
1011 bnt_b_sc_p_m Hood Race Scoop Certain Transfender cars
1012 bnt_b_sc_p_l Hood Worx Scoop Certain Transfender cars
1013 lgt_b_rspt Lamps Round Fog Certain Transfender cars
1014 spl_b_bar_l Spoiler Champ Certain Transfender cars
1015 spl_b_bbr_l Spoiler Race Certain Transfender cars
1016 spl_b_bbr_m Spoiler Worx Certain Transfender cars
1017 wg_r_b_ssk Sideskirt Left Sideskirt Certain Transfender cars
1018 exh_b_ts Exhaust Upswept Certain Transfender cars
1019 exh_b_t Exhaust Twin Certain Transfender cars
1020 exh_b_l Exhaust Large Certain Transfender cars
1021 exh_b_m Exhaust Medium Certain Transfender cars
1022 exh_b_s Exhaust Small Certain Transfender cars
1023 spl_b_bbb_m Spoiler Fury Certain Transfender cars
1024 lgt_b_sspt Lamps Square Fog Certain Transfender cars
1025 wheel_or1 Wheels Offroad Certain Transfender cars
1026 wg_l_a_s Sideskirt Right Alien Sideskirt Sultan
1027 wg_r_a_s Sideskirt Left Alien Sideskirt Sultan
1028 exh_a_s Exhaust Alien Sultan
1029 exh_c_s Exhaust X-Flow Sultan
1030 wg_r_c_s Sideskirt Left X-Flow Sideskirt Sultan
1031 wg_l_c_s Sideskirt Right X-Flow Sideskirt Sultan
1032 rf_a_s Roof Alien Roof Vent Sultan
1033 rf_c_s Roof X-Flow Roof Vent Sultan
1034 exh_a_l Exhaust Alien Elegy
1035 rf_c_l Roof X-Flow Roof Vent Elegy
1036 wg_l_a_l SideSkirt Right Alien Sideskirt Elegy
1037 exh_c_l Exhaust X-Flow Elegy
1038 rf_a_l Roof Alien Roof Vent Elegy
1039 wg_l_c_l SideSkirt Left X-Flow Sideskirt Elegy
1040 wg_r_a_l SideSkirt Left Alien Sideskirt Elegy
1041 wg_r_c_l SideSkirt Right X-Flow Sideskirt Elegy
1042 wg_l_lr_br1 SideSkirt Right Chrome Sideskirt Broadway
1043 exh_lr_br2 Exhaust Slamin Broadway
1044 exh_lr_br1 Exhaust Chrome Broadway
1045 exh_c_f Exhaust X-Flow Flash
1046 exh_a_f Exhaust Alien Flash
1047 wg_l_a_f SideSkirt Right Alien Sideskirt Flash
1048 wg_l_c_f SideSkirt Right X-Flow Sideskirt Flash
1049 spl_a_f_r Spoiler Alien Flash
1050 spl_c_f_r Spoiler X-Flow Flash
1051 wg_r_a_f SideSkirt Left Alien Sideskirt Flash
1052 wg_r_c_f SideSkirt Left X-Flow Sideskirt Flash
1053 rf_c_f Roof X-Flow Flash
1054 rf_a_f Roof Alien Flash
1055 rf_a_st Roof Alien Statum
1056 wg_l_a_st Sideskirt Right Alien Sideskirt Statum
1057 wg_l_c_st Sideskirt Right X-Flow Sideskirt Statum
1058 spl_a_st_r Spoiler Alien Statum
1059 exh_c_st Exhaust X-Flow Statum
1060 spl_c_st_r Spoiler X-Flow Statum
1061 rf_c_st Roof X-Flow Statum
1062 wg_r_a_st Sideskirt Left Alien Sideskirt Statum
1063 wg_r_c_st Sideskirt Left X-Flow Sideskirt Statum
1064 exh_a_st Exhaust Alien Statum
1065 exh_a_j Exhaust Alien Jester
1066 exh_c_j Exhaust X-Flow Jester
1067 rf_a_j Roof Alien Jester
1068 rf_c_j Roof X-Flow Jester
1069 wg_l_a_j Sideskirt Right Alien Sideskirt Jester
1070 wg_l_c_j Sideskirt Right X-Flow Sideskirt Jester
1071 wg_r_a_j Sideskirt Left Alien Sideskirt Jester
1072 wg_r_c_j Sideskirt Left X-Flow Sideskirt Jester
1073 wheel_sr6 Wheels Shadow Most cars
1074 wheel_sr3 Wheels Mega Most cars
1075 wheel_sr2 Wheels Rimshine Most cars
1076 wheel_lr4 Wheels Wires Most cars
1077 wheel_lr1 Wheels Classic Most cars
1078 wheel_lr3 Wheels Twist Most cars
1079 wheel_sr1 Wheels Cutter Most cars
1080 wheel_sr5 Wheels Switch Most cars
1081 wheel_sr4 Wheels Grove Most cars
1082 wheel_gn1 Wheels Import Most cars
1083 wheel_lr2 Wheels Dollar Most cars
1084 wheel_lr5 Wheels Trance Most cars
1085 wheel_gn2 Wheels Atomic Most cars
1086 stereo Stereo Stereo Most cars
1087 hydralics Hydraulics Hydraulics Most cars
1088 rf_a_u Roof Alien Uranus
1089 exh_c_u Exhaust X-Flow Uranus
1090 wg_l_a_u Sideskirt Right Alien Sideskirt Uranus
1091 rf_c_u Roof X-Flow Uranus
1092 exh_a_u Exhaust Alien Uranus
1093 wg_l_c_u Sideskirt Right X-Flow Sideskirt Uranus
1094 wg_r_a_u Sideskirt Left Alien Sideskirt Uranus
1095 wg_r_c_u Sideskirt Right X-Flow Sideskirt Uranus
1096 wheel_gn3 Wheels Ahab Most cars
1097 wheel_gn4 Wheels Virtual Most cars
1098 wheel_gn5 Wheels Access Most cars
1099 wg_r_lr_br1 Sideskirt Left Chrome Sideskirt Broadway
1100 misc_c_lr_rem1 Bullbar Chrome Grill Remington
1101 wg_r_lr_rem1 Sideskirt Left `Chrome Flames` Sideskirt Remington
1102 wg_r_lr_sv Sideskirt Left `Chrome Strip` Sideskirt Savanna
1103 rf_lr_bl2 Roof Covertible Blade
1104 exh_lr_bl1 Exhaust Chrome Blade
1105 exh_lr_bl2 Exhaust Slamin Blade
1106 wg_l_lr_rem2 Sideskirt Right `Chrome Arches` Remington
1107 wg_r_lr_bl1 Sideskirt Left `Chrome Strip` Sideskirt Blade
1108 wg_l_lr_bl1 Sideskirt Right `Chrome Strip` Sideskirt Blade
1109 bbb_lr_slv1 Rear Bullbars Chrome Slamvan
1110 bbb_lr_slv2 Rear Bullbars Slamin Slamvan
1111 bnt_lr_slv1 Front Sign? Little Sign? Slamvan
1112 bnt_lr_slv2 Front Sign? Little Sign? Slamvan
1113 exh_lr_slv1 Exhaust Chrome Slamvan
1114 exh_lr_slv2 Exhaust Slamin Slamvan
1115 fbb_lr_slv1 Front Bullbars Chrome Slamvan
1116 fbb_lr_slv2 Front Bullbars Slamin Slamvan
1117 fbmp_lr_slv1 Front Bumper Chrome Slamvan
1118 wg_l_lr_slv1 Sideskirt Right `Chrome Trim` Sideskirt Slamvan
1119 wg_l_lr_slv2 Sideskirt Right `Wheelcovers` Sideskirt Slamvan
1120 wg_r_lr_slv1 Sideskirt Left `Chrome Trim` Sideskirt Slamvan
1121 wg_r_lr_slv2 Sideskirt Left `Wheelcovers` Sideskirt Slamvan
1122 wg_l_lr_rem1 Sideskirt Right `Chrome Flames` Sideskirt Remington
1123 misc_c_lr_rem2 Bullbars Bullbar Chrome Bars Remington
1124 wg_r_lr_rem2 Sideskirt Left `Chrome Arches` Sideskirt Remington
1125 misc_c_lr_rem3 Bullbars Bullbar Chrome Lights Remington
1126 exh_lr_rem1 Exhaust Chrome Exhaust Remington
1127 exh_lr_rem2 Exhaust Slamin Exhaust Remington
1128 rf_lr_bl1 Roof Vinyl Hardtop Blade
1129 exh_lr_sv1 Exhaust Chrome Savanna
1130 rf_lr_sv1 Roof Hardtop Savanna
1131 rf_lr_sv2 Roof Softtop Savanna
1132 exh_lr_sv2 Exhaust Slamin Savanna
1133 wg_l_lr_sv Sideskirt Right `Chrome Strip` Sideskirt Savanna
1134 wg_l_lr_t1 SideSkirt Right `Chrome Strip` Sideskirt Tornado
1135 exh_lr_t2 Exhaust Slamin Tornado
1136 exh_lr_t1 Exhaust Chrome Tornado
1137 wg_r_lr_t1 Sideskirt Left `Chrome Strip` Sideskirt Tornado
1138 spl_a_s_b Spoiler Alien Sultan
1139 spl_c_s_b Spoiler X-Flow Sultan
1140 rbmp_c_s Rear Bumper X-Flow Sultan
1141 rbmp_a_s Rear Bumper Alien Sultan
1142 bntr_b_ov Vents Left Oval Vents Certain Transfender Cars
1143 bntl_b_ov Vents Right Oval Vents Certain Transfender Cars
1144 bntr_b_sq Vents Left Square Vents Certain Transfender Cars
1145 bntl_b_sq Vents Right Square Vents Certain Transfender Cars
1146 spl_c_l_b Spoiler X-Flow Elegy
1147 spl_a_l_b Spoiler Alien Elegy
1148 rbmp_c_l Rear Bumper X-Flow Elegy
1149 rbmp_a_l Rear Bumper Alien Elegy
1150 rbmp_a_f Rear Bumper Alien Flash
1151 rbmp_c_f Rear Bumper X-Flow Flash
1152 fbmp_c_f Front Bumper X-Flow Flash
1153 fbmp_a_f Front Bumper Alien Flash
1154 rbmp_a_st Rear Bumper Alien Stratum
1155 fbmp_a_st Front Bumper Alien Stratum
1156 rbmp_c_st Rear Bumper X-Flow Stratum
1157 fbmp_c_st Front Bumper X-Flow Stratum
1158 spl_c_j_b Spoiler X-Flow Jester
1159 rbmp_a_j Rear Bumper Alien Jester
1160 fbmp_a_j Front Bumper Alien Jester
1161 rbmp_c_j Rear Bumper X-Flow Jester
1162 spl_a_j_b Spoiler Alien Jester
1163 spl_c_u_b Spoiler X-Flow Uranus
1164 spl_a_u_b Spoiler Alien Uranus
1165 fbmp_c_u Front Bumper X-Flow Uranus
1166 fbmp_a_u Front Bumper Alien Uranus
1167 rbmp_c_u Rear Bumper X-Flow Uranus
1168 rbmp_a_u Rear Bumper Alien Uranus
1169 fbmp_a_s Front Bumper Alien Sultan
1170 fbmp_c_s Front Bumper X-Flow Sultan
1171 fbmp_a_l Front Bumper Alien Elegy
1172 fbmp_c_l Front Bumper X-Flow Elegy
1173 fbmp_c_j Front Bumper X-Flow Jester
1174 fbmp_lr_br1 Front Bumper Chrome Broadway
1175 fbmp_lr_br2 Rear Bumper Slamin Broadway
1176 rbmp_lr_br1 Front Bumper Chrome Broadway
1177 rbmp_lr_br2 Rear Bumper Slamin Broadway
1178 rbmp_lr_rem2 Rear Bumper Slamin Remington
1179 fbmp_lr_rem1 Front Bumper Chrome Remington
1180 rbmp_lr_rem1 Rear Bumper Chrome Remington
1181 fbmp_lr_bl2 Front Bumper Slamin Blade
1182 fbmp_lr_bl1 Front Bumper Chrome Blade
1183 rbmp_lr_bl2 Rear Bumper Slamin Blade
1184 rbmp_lr_bl1 Rear Bumper Chrome Blade
1185 fbmp_lr_rem2 Front Bumper Slamin Remington
1186 rbmp_lr_sv2 Rear Bumper Slamin Savanna
1187 rbmp_lr_sv1 Rear Bumper Chrome Savanna
1188 fbmp_lr_sv2 Front Bumper Slamin Savanna
1189 fbmp_lr_sv1 Front Bumper Chrome Savanna
1190 fbmp_lr_t2 Front Bumper Slamin Tornado
1191 fbmp_lr_t1 Front Bumper Chrome Tornado
1192 rbmp_lr_t1 Rear Bumper Chrome Tornado
1193 rbmp_lr_t2 Rear Bumper Slamin Tornado

Vehicle Functions

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