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DGS Logo By Allerek

This resource is designed to allow you to create directX GUI's as an alternative to the original MTA:SA GUI functions.

Full Name: Thisdp's DirectX Graphical User Interface System (DxGUI Lib)

Developer: thisdp, xLive

State: OpenSource & Work in progress

GitHub Source:

Server Discord:

Current Version: 3.506

Update Log: Changes and Updates Log


DGS Network Monitor

How does it work?

  • DGS is based on element system, which just likes the cegui system. To make DGS easier to use and understand, I choose to follow the usage of cegui's.
  • DGS supports OOP syntax, if you don't like POP, then use OOP instead. But you should know that OOP is slower than POP.
  • DGS elements are rendered in the event "onClientRender". When "onClientRender" is called, every DGS elements will be looped and calculated.

What's different from cegui?

  • This resource is based on dx* functions, so its style will be more flexible than cegui, which means you can define the style by yourself.
  • The latest Style System enables developer to define their own style such as changing color, loading images and even loading shaders with dgs elements on the server instead of using a lot of dgsSetProperty/dgsSetProperties.

Update System

  • It have an update system that can inform you of keeping your DGS latest.
  • When a newer version has been released, it will detecte the version changing periodically and then notice you.
  • Execute command "updatedgs" to check the least version and update your DGS.
  • Also, you can check the version of DGS by inputting the command "dgsver"

You Should Know

  • This project was started from 2014.
  • Scroll Pane, Grid List, Combo Box, Memo, Tab Panel and Edit Box use Render Target, which means if you don't have enough video memory, Render Target won't be created, and therefore those dgs elements won't be shown.

Example DGS Cmd

Examples scripts

Auto Completion


  • You can enter the debug mode by executing the command "debugdgs".
  • "debugdgs 2 ": To see dgs elements' scale with a rainbow border
  • "debugdgs 3 ": To trace where the dgs elements' were created.

DGS Type

Hurt World GUI Example
  • 3D Text(dgs-dx3dtext): A 3D Text.
  • 3D Interface (dgs-dx3dinterface): A 3D Interface.
  • Browser (dgs-browser) : A dgs browser.
  • Button (dgs-dxbutton): A button.
  • Combo Box (dgs-dxcombobox + dgs-dxcombobox-Box) : A combo box.
  • Check Box (dgs-dxcheckbox) : A check box that with 3 states (checked, unchecked and indeterminate).
  • Detect Area (dgs-dxdetectarea): A custom detect area.
  • Edit (dgs-dxedit): An edit.
  • Gridlist (dgs-dxgridlist): A grid list.
  • Image (dgs-dximage): A dynamic image.
  • Label (dgs-dxlabel): A text label.
  • Media Browser (dgs-dxmedia) : A media browser that is used to load video/audio/gif.
  • Memo (dgs-dxmemo): A memo.
  • Progress Bar (dgs-dxprogressbar): A Progress Bar.
  • Radio Button (dgs-dxradiobutton): A Radio Button.
  • ScrollBar (dgs-dxscrollbar): A scroll bar.
  • ScrollPane (dgs-dxscrollpane): A scroll pane.
  • Switch Button(dgs-dxswitchbutton): A switch button.
  • Tab Panel (dgs-dxtabpanel + dgs-dxtab) : A tab panel.
  • Window (dgs-dxwindow): A window.


  • It is recommended to change the resource name to 'dgs'.
  • This is a resource, if you want to use the functions exported by this resource, you should use an exported function prefix (exports.dgs:) call in your code, such as
label = exports.dgs:dgsCreateLabel(0, 0, 0.5, 0.1, "text", true)
  • Here is a feasible way to shorten the name of an exported function:
DGS = exports.dgs --shorten the export function prefix
label = DGS:dgsCreateLabel(0,0,0.5,0.1,"text",true) --create a label
  • From the latest version, it no longer needs exports.dgs:, instead we can do
loadstring(exports.dgs:dgsImportFunction())()-- load functions
label = dgsCreateLabel(0,0,0.5,0.1,"text",true) --create a label

Object Oriented Programming

loadstring(exports.dgs:dgsImportOOPClass(true))()-- load OOP class
window = dgsWindow(0,0,0.5,0.1,"test",true) --create a window with oop
label = window:dgsLabel(0,0,1,1,"label",true) --create a label inside the window
label.text = "DGS OOP Test" --set text

Want to talk to us?

Special thanks to the following for their help (Respect the contributors):

  • Axel, Senpai, ZoNe
  • DiGiTal, #Dv^, maksam07
  • Scorpyo, Kingleonide, Bullet(.el3tar)
  • Allerek, Deihim007, OmarSwaitti(HankVoight)
  • FlyingFork, xLive

Special thanks to:

  • Ahmed Ly
  • ᴛᴇᴍᴏɪꜱ

DGS Tips

DGS Element Properties

General Properties

Unique Properties

Client Functions

Custom Cursor Functions

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Remote Image


Everyone is welcome to make suggestions, test the script, help make adjustments/finish the wiki, etc.